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Changing the mentality parents

Recently it has come to my attention that some parents have a very wrong view of how GK’s should be coached.  I had one parent tell me that if “I had a group of more than 4 that the kids would be bored and standing around doing nothing”.  This gentleman obviously has not exposed his GK to proper coaching.  Sessions are made challenging by the content, not just lining up GK’s and hitting hard balls for them to try and save and boosting a coaches striking ego. Multiple feeds from various angles challenge the GK’s foot work and mobility more than straight line shots.

J4K Texas focus on the technique need to make the correct save at the correct moment in the game, how, where and when! I have seen groups of 12 GK’s come off the practice field tired and educated because their coach new how to coach.  I stress to parents ask to see your GK Coaches qualifications proof of background and if they are not prepared to give this info and a free lesson to try out then walk away.

Goalkeeping is as technical as field players only we work our hands and feet to get in the position to make a technically correct save.

Technique, technique, technique.

“Nothing shall pass”


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