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 Wall Ball


Wall Exercise

Getting a little stir crazy with all this snow in the Northeast? Here is an easy exercise you can do at home or indoors. 

– Find a wall you can throw your soccer ball against (make sure you get permission before using any wall).

– Mark off a distance roughly 15 yards away.

– Using the proper overhead throwing technique, toss the ball off the ball so that it comes back to you on one bounce. Move your feet to get behind the ball and catch with the proper contour (“W”) technique. Correct any catching mistakes before you throw the ball again. Repeat 20 reps.

– Step 5 yards closer and repeat the techniques and reps.

– Step 5 yards closer and repeat the techniques and reps again.

Looking for an extra challenge?

Do the same with a tennis, racket or reflex ball.

Working with a partner?

Have them serve the ball off the wall and execute as directed above. Too easy? Face away from the wall and only react to catch after you hear the ball hit the wall.

 Remember, work hard and have fun!


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