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Strengthening the Core – Power Hour

Developing as a goalkeeper means honing your physical attributes to maximize your potential at keeping the ball out of the net. A strong core helps improve your balance, reaction speed and overall explosiveness. Lucky for us, even if you don’t have weights at home or a fancy gym membership we can get effective results without needing more then a clock.

We call this exercise the “Power Hour” and its very simple to execute.

  • Perform 10 push ups and 20 sit-ups every minute.
  • You can break up the sets with rest however you like, just make sure to finish the allotted amount of each exercise within each minute.
  • Do not do this routine more then two days in a row or five times in a seven day period. Listen to your body and give yourself the appropriate amount of rest.

For Beginners – Start Slow

  • Adjust the time or reps to a level you are comfortable completing, doing at least 20 mins and 5 push ups and 10 sit-ups every minute.
  • As you get more comfortable add more time or more reps.
  • As mentioned above, always make sure you build in rest to any routine.

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