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This is what I am trying to get through to my youth goalkeepers. They need to understand that FITNESS is key to their success. Goalkeepers have to be one of the FITTEST if not the FITTEST person on the team. You will not achieve results just through your training sessions. This year I am incorporating 10-15 mins of fitness at the beginning of my sessions to show my kids drills they can do on their own and also get them to understand how important fitness is. Also to try to get them to gain a “love” for fitness.  #J4k#goalkeeper #goalkeepers#goalkeeperstraining #goalkeepersnation#goalkeepers#goalkeepersareamazingpeople#goalkeeperslife #goalkeeperswag#coaching #soccer #soccerislife#driventosucceed #j4knorthtexas #passion

It takes a passion and drive to get out and do the work. The kids who want to get closer to their goals and dreams will step out and start today!


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