Can parents watch training?

Yes we have no problem you watching the training sessions but it is a school rule parents can only be on site between the hours of 10.30am -3.30pm, so there amply time to watch.

Can parents go into the dormitories where the students stay/sleep?

No, again it’s a school rule that no parent can come into where the children stay and sleep. Teachers patrol the school and living areas where we stay and will ask any parent to vacate the premises. Also J4K coaches are under obligation by the school to also ask parents to leave, so please do not put the J4K coaches in a position where we have to ask a parent to leave. This is to provide a safe environment for all our students.

Room Allocations 

Goalkeepers are roomed in age groups, most of the time we have single rooms and keepers
are then roomed in floors/blocks. 

The Coaches:

All coaches are qualified and police CRB checked. Also they have all played professionally or semi-professional and several are still involved at professional clubs coaching at 1st level in the Champions League and others are coaching at international level.

Can we pick up students form airports and train stations.

Unfortunately we cannot do this as there is a lot of work and preparation goes into running this camp, and right up to the last minute we are putting final things in place to make sure things run as smoothly as possible for our students.

What is the age limit?

The youngest goalkeeper we accept is ten years old and the oldest is eighteen years old.

How do you select the training groups?

We have the keepers work in age related groups but also take in to consideration and assess their ability to give them the best development during the camp.
On average we have 15 keepers in our 4 age groups 10-11yrs, 12-13yrs, 14/15yrs and 15/16yrs

My son/daughter has allergies, needs medication or special dietary etc

You must email just4keepers within one month before course begins to explain medical or dietary requirements needed.

What happens if I need to be contacted, or J4K needs to contact a parent?

When you book onto J4K there is a form you would have to complete, so please make sure ALL details are filled in. (if you did not complete this form, please email J4k). If you change any of your details you need to let J4K know before your child attends the camp by emailing J4K these details.

Poor Behaviour

We have a zero tolerance to poor behaviour and especially any type of bullying. We want all students to have a wonderful experience at J4K and we will not hesitate to send a student home for poor behaviour.

What is the J4K cancellation policy?

As parents ourselves, we understand things happen. We will try and be flexible if the unexpected happens and you can no longer attend camp. You can request a refund minus a $50 administrative fee prior to 45 days before the first day of camp. After this date J4K will have already paid the fees up-front for your place in camp, so if you need to cancel and we cannot fill your place, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a refund.

Also if J4K has to cancel a venue for any reason, we cannot refund or compensate for any transportation cost or hotel expense etc that may have been booked ahead of the camp.

What training will my child receive?

We will be covering every aspect of goalkeeper coaching from handling, to crosses, to kicking. We do have a set plan in place but weather can dictate what sessions we do at times. So there might be last minute changes to itinerary, but it will be an action packed course.


Some children get homesick but as most of the coaches are parents themselves they have a very good understating how to handle this. As our students are allowed a mobile phone, they can always be in contact with parents anyway. Parents will also have contact numbers for coaches and are most welcome to call anytime if you feel your child might be getting homesick.

What time is their work schedule?

We normal have breakfast for 8.30am and are on training field for 10am, where they will have their morning session. Lunch is 12pm – 1pm, then the afternoon session is 2pm-5pm. Evening meal is then 6pm and we then have either a third session in evening at or do something fun with the students.

Please be rest assured they will work hard, have down time for fun but also have rest periods as this is very important.


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