Jim Kloes

Returning to basics.

Throughout my experience as a goalkeeper coach, several trends in their training stand out.

  1. Training during the season concentrates on the relationships between field players and goalkeepers.
  2. Before or after a season goalkeepers are forgotten in their unique training for their position.

As the fall season of competitive soccer is coming to an end.  Besides the physical recuperation and mental relief of the season, goalkeepers need to breakdown skills to basic techniques. These areas include but not limited to correcting mistakes in advanced handling, distribution, safety diving, angle play, breakaways, and building confidence for all keepers, beginning through advanced levels. In conjunction with this training, a second attention is the continuing development of correct muscle memory which is repeated movement.  The third focus is maintaining or even increasing fitness through agility, aerobic endurance, resistance training and plyometric exercises.   Thus Keeper training should never end but should transition in effort throughout the year.

The J4k Goalkeeping School provides year around training providing both physical development while increasing better technique and tactical ability.  The uninterrupted training prevents complete loss of the fitness level gained throughout the season while providing time to enhance skills.

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