Eoghan O'Kelly

  • Goalkeepers. Watch more games!

    April 21st, 2015

    Goalkeeping is about a lot more than just making saves and catching crosses. It’s about reading the entire game. You have to truly understand the whole game to become a truly great keeper.   So what can you do? Get … Continue reading

  • Mobilization and Activation warm up

    March 23rd, 2015

    Doing a full warm up concentrating on raising the heart rate, mobilizing the joints and activating the muscles and balance system is vital for injury prevention. Also for young goalkeepers doing a strong warm up concentration on proper movement mechanics … Continue reading

  • Breathing: You’re doing it wrong!

    January 29th, 2015

    Breathing: You’re doing it wrong!   I get some pretty strange looks as a goalkeeping coach in New York when I tell my players they are breathing wrong. Everybody knows the importance of breathing but it goes far beyond just … Continue reading

  • The importance of water

    January 29th, 2015

    Everybody knows we need to drink water. In fact pretty much everyone knows that without water we will turn into a shriveled up prune 6 feet under in about 4 days, but despite this I see kids turn up to … Continue reading

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