Paul Fleck

  • MLS Save of the Week #5

    April 11th, 2014

      Wrath of MacMath If there was ever a no contest on MLS Save of the Week it is Zac MacMath’s effort to keep the score line level against the reigning MLS MVP. Not only does he keep the PK … Continue reading

  • MLS Save of the Week #4

    April 11th, 2014

      Seeing Red Have to hand it to Dan Kennedy, saw this one live and thought it was in all the way. Great recovery and athleticism. Easy pick this week (even for a RBNY fan).

  • MLS Save of the Week #3

    March 27th, 2014

    Third Time is a Charm This week at least I can’t bet against Nick Rimando again! In my eyes it’s a two horse race between Ousted and Perkins who both made very similar saves. Moving one way and making a … Continue reading

  • Fitness Tip of the Week

    March 21st, 2014

    Strengthening the Core – Power Hour Developing as a goalkeeper means honing your physical attributes to maximize your potential at keeping the ball out of the net. A strong core helps improve your balance, reaction speed and overall explosiveness. Lucky for … Continue reading

  • MLS Save of the Week #2

    March 19th, 2014

    Week 2 “Sounds” Like a Lock Have to hand it to Stefan Frei this week with his acrobatic effort to keep his team in the match. With pace on the shot, the ball is already behind him when he gets … Continue reading

  • MLS Save of the Week #1

    March 12th, 2014

    Who takes the week 1 title? Have to the nod to Jamie Pinedo, just superior reflexes and a strong hand to keep that out. The other keepers seemed to have a good look at their shots and while they did … Continue reading

  • Exercise of the Week

    March 11th, 2014

    Now that the snow is finally melting out here in NJ, it’s time to start getting ready for the spring season. As we move from smaller indoor goals to larger or full size outdoor goals, a great way to help … Continue reading

  • Exercise of the Week

    February 11th, 2014

     Wall Ball   Getting a little stir crazy with all this snow in the Northeast? Here is an easy exercise you can do at home or indoors.  – Find a wall you can throw your soccer ball against (make sure … Continue reading

  • When Should GKs Specialize?

    December 5th, 2013

    Specialization is often a hot topic among youth parents and coaches. At what point should my son/daughter begin to play in goal exclusively? Though this is always a question to be answered on a case by case basis, there are … Continue reading

  • How Should I Warm Up My GKs?

    November 10th, 2013

    It’s a common question that faces many youth coaches at every level. The challenge is compounded when you couple it with simultaneously trying to warm up your field players as many youth coaches are forced to do. Our task here … Continue reading

  • Being Good vs Getting Better – A Training Mindset

    November 5th, 2013

    As coaches, trainers, parents and players, we often focus our efforts solely on the physical aspects of the game. Bigger, stronger, faster players are a reality that challenges all athletes across all competitions. We place a high value on what … Continue reading

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