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Goalkeeping styles


As a goalkeeping coach of some 29 yrs and having seen the game, the ball and the rules change have our GK’s become lazy or just adapting to the changes?

I watch the differences between Southern American, Spanish and Italian Keepers compared to German, British and Dutch Keepers. The “South american style” to give it an name is very much about the keeping the ball out the net at all costs and if it looks good doing it then great. The “European Style” to give it a name is about “catching” and good technique almost clinical in the structure of saves. I am a supporter of catch catch catch as this allows the GK to keep possession and not allow the opposition a second attempt at goal.

Ochoa of Mexico was praised in the World Cup for his saves, were they good saves or just quick reactions to balls hit straight at him? I will give Ochoa the Neymar save as that was not catchable.  Neuer made some great saves and caught the ball as well as deep crosses into the box which for the most part he held.  As a GK Coach,  I want to see my students make technically good saves using the correct save for that moment in the game and hopefully securing the ball “catching” to end that passage of opposition attack. As a Head Coach I am happy the ball stayed out the net by any means but as GK coaches we must strive for perfection and teach that catching is preferred. 

I am sure this will cause much discussion and would love to hear the feed back.

Next discussion the balls and the effects on technique


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