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Importance of a Keeper Trainer part 2

I started a blog last night about the importance of having a quality goalkeeping trainer. I think there is much more than I need to say. So, I think I am going to blog on this subject a little at a time.

The position of goalkeeper is a specialized position. There is only one person on the pitch who can use every part of his body to touch the soccer ball. I’ve heard coaches say, “A goalkeepers job isn’t hard, all they have to do is keep it out of the net.” That is true, but there is so much more than that. Is your angle correct? Is your body weight forward? Are you catching the ball at the highest point? Are you catching the ball properly? Do you know how to control the ball with your feet? Can you take a goal kick (I’ve seen many youth keepers that cannot)? Do you know how to punt properly (It’s not about height)? When should you play out of the back and when do you not? When do you roll or throw? What is the difference between your set position and starting position? When do you get set? How do you get set? Should you front smother? Do you know what the K-Bar technique is? When do you go down on a one on one and when do you stay up? Do you know how to dive, PROPERLY? When and how do you come out for a cross? Do you catch, parry or deflect that hard shot coming in? Do you know how to shuffle?

There are so many more questions. Most youth keepers don’t even know they need to ask those questions. A lot of youth coaches cannot answer those questions because when they are getting there license…only a small portion is dedicated to the keeper position. And it’s not in depth. Also, your coach can’t spend a lot of one on one time with their keeper because they have 10 or more other players they have to help.

If you want answers to your questions…Find a Just4Keepers coach near you and let them answer those tough questions. This is what we love to do. Also, Ray Newland, the founder of Just4Keepers, will only coaches who are passionate, trustworthy, genuine, etc. be part of the J4K family. That’s what we are…a huge family located in 30 countries. We all chat daily about how we can better ourselves for YOU! So, here I am and here we are. Check us out. If you need goalkeeping coaching in Alabama I am just an email or phone call away. Let us help you go as far as you want to train for!!!

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