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Importance of a Keeper Trainer pt.3

I was asked to help fix an irrigation pipe problem this afternoon. Earlier in the day the cities water main had busted causing the city workers to come out and fix it. So, once they got done I was tasked to help fix my friends irrigation pipes, which was also the main supply to their work building bathrooms.

While inspecting the pipes my friend says, “whoever put these irrigation pipes in before did not put them in straight.” Needless to say…we could only fix part of the irrigation pipes and it took us 2 hours to do a 10 minute job. This got my wheels turning as to why a good goalkeeping trainer is so important. If it’s not put in straight the first time…then it’s going to take a lot longer to correct the issue.

If your technique is taught improperly the first time, then it takes a long time to correct it when you get older. It takes 1000 repetitions for something to become muscle memory. So, let’s take a basic goalkeeper lesson…catching.

I had a youth keeper come to me when they were 17 yrs old. So, we started out with the basics, as usual, so that I could see where they were at. This person wasn’t catching the ball properly. They learned to catch the ball like a football because that was another sport they played. It took me about a month or two of constant catching drills to finally get them to catch a soccer ball like it is supposed to be caught. I had to get this individual out of a bad habit first and then do enough reps to get their muscle memory to properly catch. They worked hard and did drills on their on. After a few months we were able to move on to more advanced lessons. After 9 months…this kid has went from backup to starter and is helping their high school team maintain first place in their area.

I could go on and on about keepers who have needed to adjust technique because they were taught wrong or the person who trained them taught the wrong technique. If you or someone you know needs help with goalkeeper coaching in Alabama…here I am. If you are outside Alabama…please visit or and find a coach near you. We are in 30 countries and we are passionate about goalkeeping. Don’t hesitate…classes fill up quick.


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