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Importance of a Keeper Trainer

When I was growing up in Alabama, having a goalkeeping coach was unheard of. Basically, because soccer was the bottom rung on the sports chain. Football is king here. It wasn’t until I was 14 year old, living in California at the time, that a keeper coach began training me in high school. Up until that point, back in Alabama, I had recorded some games on TV and would watch Tony Meola’s technique as he dove for a ball. That is how I learned to dive. An old VHS tape…rewind…slow motion…rewind…actual speed…and so on. Then run outside and try it. Then run back to the television and start the process over.

In college I had a great trainer. He wasn’t much older than I, but he refined me and pushed me. Then I had two former professional players who helped me. Then I got to help in camps with a former USNT Women’s goalkeeping coach. Then in South Africa I had another top trainer.

Now, I am back in Alabama. In the city I grew up and the keepers do not get the time in training sessions with their full team that they need. That goes for anywhere. So, I say…here I am. If you want to get better…you NEED a trainer. However, you don’t want any trainer. You have to find that coach that will push you. That will encourage you. That will take the time to be honest with you. That will pick you up when you fall and get you back on track. The kind of trainer who wants to be on field with you. The kind who trained hard and knows the importance of training hard. So, again I say…HERE I AM.

For more information on goalkeeper coaching in Alabama…visit Go to US coaches and click on Alabama. If you’re not in Alabama…All our coaches in J4K are top quality and care about how you play. We care about your future dreams of playing at the higher levels because most of us have either played or coached at that level. We want to help…so, I say this…HERE WE ARE!!! Let us help you attain your goals.

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