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J4K New Jersey Pre – Season Camp

J4K August New Jersey Camp

Friday August 9th & Saturday August 10th 4:00 – 8:00pm
Patriots Park Jackson NJ

J4K Goalkeeper Camp Students

Just4Keepers Academy is hosting a two-day goalkeeper Pre-Season Camp in Jackson NJ on August 9th & 10th 4:00 – 8:00pm. Goalkeepers will be put through two extensive detail and fun training sessions, in which they will receive instruction on every aspect of the game; the technical, tactical, mental, and physical parts needed to be successful, will all be covered. Throughout the session, goalkeepers will not only learn the proper techniques of catching, diving, collecting crosses, and distribution, but also the mental side of the game.

Goalkeeping is a very specialized position that requires great technique and attention to detail. Attention to detail and sound fundamentals is whatJ4K does. By attending a J4K camp a goalkeeper learns how to pay attention to the little details, fundamentals and become aware of the fine points in executing proper fundamentals that can make a huge difference in one’s game.

Positioning is one of the things that separate the Pros from all the rest. While a keeper may make an awesome flying through the air save and have everyone cheering wild, a professional keeper will make that save look ordinary instead just by being properly positioned therefore not having to fly through the air. Why is that important? Not having to make that flying save, it will increase the chance of securing the ball, not giving up a rebound and also protecting the keeper’s body from an injury.

During the classroom portion of the camp, which will include a question, and answer session, goalkeepers will learn about leadership, communication, organization, mental strength, and the dedication it takes to get to the highest level of the game.


J4K August Camp

Just4Keepers in New Jersey will offer a 2 day Pre – Season Camp for keepers serious about getting ready for their upcoming season and tournaments.

Our 2 day Camp will be very intense but fun. 

Everyone is looking for a quality goalkeeper…

So how do you find, develop or become one?

And who do you trust to get you there?

Everyone is looking for goalkeepers but reality is that quality goalkeepers are at a premium.

The goalkeeping position is the most unique, specialized position on the field, yet not getting the proper training or attention by most youth coaches. Most youth goalkeepers are just stuck in the goal for the sake of just being there. The slowest player or the less skillful player winds up in the goal, a lot of times used as a target practice for the rest of the team’s shooting practice.

A goalkeeper needs to be the best player on the field, both with great footwork and handwork. In today’s game a goalkeeper needs to have great footwork so that the defense has that extra option in the back. A goalkeeper has to have light , steady hands and be able to read the game as he is the last line of defense and the first of attack.

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