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My Keeper Needs to be More Aggressive!??????


My Keeper needs to be more Aggressive!”, “How do I make my keeper More Aggressive?”, “My Keeper would be better if they played with more Aggression”.

These are just 3 of the statements/questions I get from Coaches and parents in relation to their keeper!

Personally Aggressive and Aggression are two words I Dislike associating with my keepers!

Aggression Definition = Reactive-impulsive subtype (often elicits uncontrollable actions that are inappropriate or undesirable). Why Would you want your keeper to be ‘Uncontrollable’ or ‘Inappropriate’ during their time in the net?

It appears that the word ‘Aggressive’ is a word thrown around with no real backup or explanation on how the coach or parent expects the keeper to act or how they feel the keeper should be perceived. “Just be More Aggressive!” That’s lazy coaching if you ask me!

For me, I would rather have a keeper who is poised, focused, prepared, and a leader. A keeper who can make good, smart, quick decisions not cloud by the thought of “Just Get the Ball” (Which is a call I have heard far too many times from coaches).

I like to coach, and show keepers that an ‘Assertive’ ‘Controlled’ approach is much more beneficial in terms of making quick successful decisions based on being coached in a situational coaching environment. This environment allows the keeper to learn and understand the best practice and decision to make in certain situations. In this environment we learn how to deal with and what decisions to make when that situation or similar situation occurs during a game. It’s an approach that involves discussion, feedback and specific ‘Coach Demonstrated’ actions that allows the keeper to better judge ‘In Game’ Situations.

Keepers need to know it’s ok to not have to go for everything, and that it’s ok to be patient and assess the situation, make a sound decision and react accordingly. Rather than always racing out while being instructed to ‘Be More Aggressive’. Too many times I’ve seen keepers make poor decisions because they are being encouraged by the coach or parent from the sideline to be aggressive to a ball when a more patient approach would have been a better decision. A decision an assertive, better positioned keeper could have made.

So, Would you rather have a keeper who plays with ‘Aggression’? Or a Keeper who is ‘Assertive’, a ‘Good Decision Maker’ and ‘Composed’? I KNOW WHAT I WOULD CHOOSE!!


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