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Sweatshirts, Pants, and Gloves: West Coast Cold and Rain Mean Keeping Goalkeepers Moving and Focused on Coaching Points

Best Goalkeeping Gloves on the West Coast

As the rain. the dark, and cold comes pouring on goalkeeper gloves from the West Coast of Washington, it is not a sad day for goalkeeping. In fact, goalkeeper coaches and goalkeepers are happy to put on their gloves on for training when the air is cold, the grass is soft, and the turf is slippery. Goalkeeping is more fun when the ground is so forgiving.  For that matter goalkeepers love anything forgiving, especially when forgiveness comes from their teammates, coaches, and parents after a goal.  I’ve talked about this before when discussing a growth mindset.  Wearing quality goalkeeping pants, goalkeeping gloves, and a goalkeeping jerseys out in the Washington West Coast cold and rain is also a good idea.

So, what to practice when the West Coast brings in cold and rain?  The best solution, and also the best advice for coaches is to keep them moving.  Young goalkeepers learn goalkeeping best by providing many repetitions that are realistic as possible. So, whether it is a high catch, barrier save, or low extension progression get your goalkeepers  to make realistic movements around the goal area that have at least 10 paces of movement keeping them warm and focused on a scenario of the game. You can use poles, cones, ladders, and even other keepers to create an environment that  imitates a game situation, provides repetition, and warmth.  As the gloves get cold from West Coast rains it’s a great opportunity to get kids moving and focused on the coaching points in your training session. 

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