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What do you have in your game day glove bag?

What do you keep in your game day glove bag?

For me it was always 3 pairs of gloves, game starting pair, dry pair if it got wet and cold and a third pair for “what if’s” you never know what if this or that happens…right?  I had a pair of boot laces, they might snap. i had athletic tape for my fingers…pre fingersave days and 5 broken pinky fingers…ouch!!! i also had a small hand towel to hang on the net to dry the palms in the wet, oh boy was mum pleased when I took the white ones on a wet, muddy Scottish day. I had my good luck charm, a Scottish bagpipe player figurine who stayed with me through all my playing days.

What’s the strangest object in your bag?  Come on Ray, Simon and the boys are you brave enough.


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