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Why won’t coaches allow GK’s to take goal kicks?

Having attended a high level tournament this past weekend I was shocked at the number of GK’s not taking their goal kicks and took it upon myself to ask the question why?  The answers were varied from “well the coach says i suck at them” to “we cant get out the box if the goalie takes them”  As a GK coach of too many years to mention I feel we have done these kids a dis-service.  Surely as a field coach or specialized club goalkeeping coach the art of goal kicks should be taught and mastered at an early age. For any coach to tell a child  “don’t do it cause you suck” shows a lack of coaching ability and empathy with the position and development of the player.

As a professional GK coach my priority is to seek out my students weaknesses and improve them as well as build confidence in the student to want to try that skill over and over until it is mastered and invest the time in my students, not ignore the lack of ability and allow someone else to do it so “we don’t lose”  ARE WE ABOUT COLLECTING TROPHIES OR DEVELOPING GIFTED PLAYERS who can go on to have a successful college career or maybe a MLS or National team player and if nothing else be a supporter of the beautiful game.

“Saving one at a time”


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