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  1. You cannot be afraid of getting injured. You are more likely to get an injury if you do not commit yourself completely.
  2. Have confidence in yourself. Do not let mistakes discourage you for the rest of the game. Put your mistakes in your back pocket and take them our at the end.
  3. Even though you will not save every shot, attempt to save every shot. If you don’t dive you will never know if you will save the soccer ball.
  4. Be in control of the play. Slow down play to change the momentum of a game, this can work if you have been under a lot of pressure and your team mates need to get their breath back, it also gives them time to get back into their correct positions.
  5. If you have to go to the ground to make a save, make sure you get back up quick. If your still on the floor, your less likely to make a save.
  6. You own the box! when the opposing team have a corner make sure your positioning is good. Be vocal and catch/punch anything around you.
  7. When diving you should always land on your side to prevent injury.
  8. If the soccer ball is coming towards your chest/face use the ‘W’ technique. If the soccer ball is coming at you below your chest use the ‘scoop’ technique.
  9. Train, train, train. make sure you work on your weaknesses. Many people in all walks of life tend to leave the things they are not good at to last.
  10. Communication is key. As a goalkeeper you can see everything that is going on on the pitch. It is vital that you constantly talk to your team giving them key instructions.

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