What the difference with J4K Gloves – wa.j4ksports.com ?


Just 4 Keepers is a coaching brand that supports goalkeepers with goalkeepers gloves. Our competitors here a simply use coaches and professional players for marketing and pay professional goalkeepers to wear. J4K / wa.j4ksports.com gloves are worn by professionals worldwide and we pay ZERO to them.

Because J4K is coaching centered with small academies run by coaches, we can’t afford to out giving our gloves away for free. We also adhere to professional coaching standards and that means teaching children proper form at a young age, especially in catching the ball.

Our competitors market to FEAR which is the last thing a goalkeeper needs to be reminded of! So, to compensate these marketing specialists created a glove that is honestly like wearing a boxing glove, all with finger saves. Professional goalkeepers that are of any quality DO NOT WEAR THESE GLOVES.

If a child learns early on how to catch they will not need them. That being said, at wa.j4ksports.com we do sell some finger saver gloves, but that is truly changing with the new 2019 models as we are providing what the professional goalkeepers want, and the same quality that our students and parents demand.

International level goalkeepers wear J4K Gloves from wa.j4ksports.com because of the quality, NOT because they are paid!