Register for the Spring Break Camp!

Lots of exciting things going on at J4K of NoVA! We still have two academy sessions running now, so call us for a FREE SESSION!! What’s better than FREE??? Spring Break Camp is being held Monday March 25 – Thursday March 28th from 10am (YES, you can still sleep in) until noon at Manassas Sports, Read more

Just4Keepers Announce Partnership

Just4Keepers of Eatern NC and the City of Wilson Parks and Rec. Department Announce Partnership. New partnership formed between Just4Keepers of Eastern NC and City of Wilson Department of Parks & Rec. Very excited to help the youth in our area with quality keeper training. A big thanks to Travis Stigge.


At J4K we want to help all young Goalkeepers become better and develop their game. So we  have designed a curriculum to teach Goalkeepers of all ages and abilities. To register for the academy, click here:

Just4keepers helping Goalkeepers and their parents.

I have been running goalkeeper schools for nearly 13 years now in 18 countries and it does not matter if its England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Holland etc etc, the coaches at their respected soccer clubs are always very keen to get their goalkeeper specialists keeper training.

What’s that you say??

Communication is a key factor in a successful goalkeepers skill set. He must be able to organize his defense and communication what he wants and sees to his team. Loud, clear instructions of danger will help your teammates with decision making and keep you focused during periods of inactivity. The goalkeeper has the best view Read more

Free Goalkeeper Sessions in Denver, Coloado

If you are a goalkeeper serious about improving your skill, then join us and experience J4K FREE training sessions. We have different location and times call me 303-907-9389 or email me at

No other Goalkeeper Academy in Colorado will match J4K!

J4K is an international goalkeeper academy that is currently operating in 17 countries and now in Denver, Colorado. J4K has trained thousands of goalkeepers across the world and has helped several hundred goalkeepers sign with professional clubs across Europe. We have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD that is unmatched.

It’s all about the climb

I’m always hearing about this player or that player changing teams because the team wasn’t winning their division, winning this tournament or that, moving up a division…etc. So, I’ll hear about kids that were once on one team, the next season on another, and then another, and yet another. By the time they are 15 Read more