Most commom complaints from parents

The kids are simply a NUMBER and a DOLLAR sign for these camps”. In fact, one parent stated that these academies are like a “babysitting company”, they keep them busy, hopping and happy until is time to go home. Furthermore, parents can only see their kids doing drills and other things which gives an illusion of great training. These are legitimate complaints from parents. But then again, some parents are happy with this kind of set up.

Glove Buying Advice!

With the arrival of spring comes another new soccer season, and the annual trip to your local retailers for the new gear. Always an exciting time but also a time when keepers and their parents often make uninformed decisions while purchasing their particular soccer product. In reality it isn’t the purchaser’s fault that many buy a product that doesn’t quite suit the player’s needs.


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Proper warmup – a confidence builder

Being at a variety of fields while other teams are practicing and preparing for a match is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I get a chance to see lots of goalkeepers showing their skills – a curse because cringe when I see keepers without any warmup jumping between the posts while Read more

Become a one touch Goalkeeper

It sounds basic. You probably already guessed what it is; try to only take one touch when making a save. As soon as the ball hits your palms, it should stick. One time only. You should not require two touches.