Why do youth goalkeepers almost always punt the ball?

Goalkeepers should be encouraged to roll the ball out or drop it to their feet and pass their way out of the back rather than punting it up the field. I’ve never coached my teams to play kickball so the suggestion that having the goalkeeper punt the ball every time is a form of kickball got me thinking.

Vacation ends! (BOOO) Training resumes! (YEA)

As hard as it is to come back from a beach vacation, there’s a lot to look forward to with Academy training getting back into full swing. The fall pre-season is just around the corner and lots of goalkeepers have been taking it easy this summer. Why not come check out the J4K training program Read more

Is Your Keeper Developing? How do they know it?

Our Just4Keepers Academy Keepers tend to make Less Mistakes in games, make Better Goalkeeping Decisions (in terms of Positioning, Technical and Tactical, Communication, etc) and have better feel for their Development due to our Challenging, Progressive and Fun Curriculum!

The Goalkeeping Mindset

The role of the goalkeeper is never well understood by most, except by other goalkeepers. Goalkeepers are lonely specialists, put in a position that is mostly a setup for failure. They do not touch the ball, as often as field players and when they do it they have the entire spotlight. Saves are expected to be made , and mistakes are always very costly.

Why Just4Keepers? Why Year-Round?

When I’m talking to Potential new Keepers, Parents or Club coaches, regarding Goalkeeper Coaching in PA, it’s really easy to talk up Just4Keepers and our Year-Round Coaching Program Model!!

More goalkeepers training in Denver

Each day J4K in Denver, gets emails from parents and keepers wanting to train with J4K, We appreciate that very much. One parent stated ” I think once goalkeepers get a taste of J4K, they may not want to do anything else”.

J4K Miami Training

To all the goalkeepers who participated in the Miami Camp thank for joining J4K and experiencing what goalkeeping training is all about. J4K is in your back yard and we don’t travel in and out of Florida, so use as much as you can to achieve any of your goals in life.