Testimonials on J4K of NoVA

Many of my students’ parents have shared feedback about the J4K academy program with me after training sessions and in casual conversations. Here’s a sampling of what folks have written to me with their experience, feeling and impressions of  J4K: “I love the intensity of every practice and every drill. Each drill challenges me physically Read more

Parents of goalkeepers in VA please read..

I started J4K of NoVa in the fall of 2012 because I saw the HUGE void in QUALITY goalkeeper training in the NOVA area.  Recreational and travel coaches alike select their keepers and place them into game situations without giving them proper training and expect the team to win. In my 8 years prior to Read more

Used equipment collection drive!!!

Start setting aside all those too small cleats, jerseys, shorts and socks! Soccer balls too!! Just 4 Keepers of NoVA in partnership with local clubs Southwestern Youth Association (SYA) and Virginia Soccer Association (VSA) are hosting a used equipment drive April 5 & 6 at SYA Soccer Park and James Long Park to benefit Helping Read more

Getting a “handle” on distribution

The foundation for the attack is good distribution by the goalkeeper. A poorly placed throw or kick can be disastrous for a team, turning a promising transition from defense to offense into a scramble to keep the ball from the net. Three key elements of distribution by the goalkeeper are:  Accuracy, Distance, and Speed. How Read more

To call KEEPER or AWAY, that is the question….

The training with J4K of NoVA focuses on all aspects of goalkeeping, from the physical to the psychological, the technical to the tactical. There are no boundaries with the areas we cover in our weekly sessions. Each week a different topic is addressed and although most are interrelated, special attention is paid and discussed focusing Read more