Different types of goalkeeper gloves

A lot of goalkeepers make the same MASSIVE mistake and buy a pair of gloves, just because their favourite professional goalkeeper wears them. Please do not do this, because you are most probably buying a glove that is not suitable for your hand shape.

Pick the right soccer goalkeeper gloves

The J4K Goalkeeper Glove range is now one of the fastest growing brands GLOBALLY… With over 20,000 keepers already wearing our gloves and many many professional goalkeepers also wearing them with pride, we ask you to give our Gk gloves a chance as you will not be disappointed.

Goalkeeper gloves for sale

Just4keepers are very proud about their goalkeeper gloves. They are made and tested by
professional and ex professional goalkeepers. This means they are made to the highest standard the only difference between the J4K glove and other leading brands are the prices

Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves

The main difference with Just4keepers to the majority of other online stores is that JUST4KEPEERS is a store ran by goalkeepers, for goalkeepers.

Tips for the set position

One of the first things we learn as a goalkeeper is the set position. The set position is vital in all aspect of goalkeeping, from shot stopping to being ready to take a cross.

Junior goalkeeper gloves for sale

Good childrens goalkeeper gloves are hard to find because a lot of brands use cheaper specification in junior goalkeeper gloves. Sadly most young goalkeepers buy the goalie gloves they see their favourite professional goalkeepers wear and think they have bought the same glove. Unfortunately this is not the case!

Just4keepers Arizona Goes to Japan

Last year I had the opportunity to go to Japan with Just4keepers and help run a 4 day goalkeeper ID camp. I have put a few videos below to show you some of the drills we did. If you would like any information on the goalkeeper camps, training and coaching we do in Arizona email lewisbishop@just4keepers.com.