Is your Current Goalkeeping Coaching program Challenging, Progressive and Fun?

Goalkeeping is a very specific skill set that needs to be coached in a very specific learning environment. To develop on a smooth, steady curve the Topic being taught needs to challenge the individual to come to class and do well. It must focus learning on real game issues, giving students a chance to work on situations they have experienced or will experience.

What size goalkeeper gloves should I buy?

It is very important that you not only choose the right goalkeeper glove for you, but that you choose the right size goalkeeper glove. When buying a pair of gloves you must feel 100% comfortable in them. Make sure that there is not a large gap from the tips of your fingers to the glove (1/2cm to 1cm).

Indoor Winter 14/15 signups coming soon!

Believe it or not the winter indoor training season is right around the corner. Even in the heat of the summer I was thinking about winter and I’ve been working hard on securing indoor space to continue the high quality academy sessions that the J4K keepers have been working hard in. That’s one of the greatest benefits Read more