The Importance of Hydration For Youth Athletes

The importance of hydration for good health and properly functioning body systems cannot be overstated. As the warmer months approach and outdoor activities increase, special attention needs to be given to proper hydration and to the prevention of heat illnesses for all, but especially for young athletes.

There is more to a Dive, than the Dive!!

When I coach a keepers, at the start of each session I ask questions that are relative to that weeks topic. For example, How do I catch a ball?, What is the most important thing about dealing with a high ball?, When do I deflect a ball as opposed to catching it?, etc

Goalkeeper gloves reaction range

Just4keepers goalkeeper glove reaction Range is famous globally from grassroots to semi professional and professional goalkeepers. The J4K reaction range has 5 different types of goalkeeper gloves, so we are certain you will find a goalkeeper glove to suit you.

How Important is Goalkeeper Specific Training?

Players in field positions share similar characteristics and core skills to others in the team. However, the Goalkeeper is unlike any other on the field and requires a completely different skill set. In order to allow the Goalkeeper to develop and be effective in each game, Keepers need training specifically tailored to their position.

Woodbridge VA Academy Location change

Due to circumstances beyond my control or influence, we’ve had to relocate the Prince William County Academy East location to Belmont Elementary School, 751 Norwood Lane, Woodbridge. This change goes into effect Monday 5/4 with the time of the session 6:00 – 7:15 remaining the same.