It is How You Play the Game

I learned this lesson many years ago as a ten year old at summer camp. I played many sports and was accustomed to winning. Towards the end of the summer I pitched a one hitter, but lost the softball game in the last inning 1-0. I was so upset about losing that I went to my bunk and cried.

Good Habits Are Harder to Learn Than Bad Habits. Practice The Fundamentals of Goalkeeping In The Set Positon

My favorite aspect of soccer is when the game is broken down to it’s fundamental components; striking and receiving the ball.  The act of controlling the ball  to leave you and when it comes back to you: simply elegant, and it can be done alone, with a friend, a group, with competition or without.  At Read more

Rockin’ and recovering: getting up to save another day!

An often overlooked skill for developing goalkeepers is how to get back to their feet as quickly and efficiently as possible to make a successful second save. Having watched hours and hours of younger goalkeepers play in matches, there are a fair number of saves that could have been made had the keeper gotten back Read more