How Important is Body Language for Keepers?

I recently spoke to a couple of our Just4Keepers of East PA Keepers after watching them play. The topic of our conversation was how they carried themselves during the game, and how important their body language is. Body language forms such an important and integral part of any sport, especially Goalkeeping. As much as positive Read more

Winter Training venues in Northern VA announced

For all the folks needing to plan ahead, J4K NoVA is happy to announce its Winter 2017-18 goalkeeper training venues. For the 5th winter we will be returning to Dulles Sportsplex and training keepers for the 4th year at SportsNetwork. In addition to these two locations we will be returning for the 3rd year to Read more

Independent Goalkeeper Academies – Goalkeeping Coaches 100% Supported

While having a conversation with a goalkeeper coach from Los Angeles about what the brand R…ch does for his company, he replied “just a bit of a discount” and was convinced that this company allowed him “to stay independent” implying that I as a J4K coach am not.  With 2 academies now running, and 3 Read more

Here’s to succes!!

Here’s to success! I did not know anyone in the soccer community here in Tacoma when I started Just 4 Keepers of Washington State – — My first goalkeeping session with 2 keepers was free last October and have been slowly building up 2 weekly academies. After less than 9 months of work our Read more

Amazing Goalkeeper Coaching Drills

Dear fellow Goalkeepers (Or parents of a goalkeeper) I have been in goal since i was eight years old and have played as a goalkeeper for lets just say for over thirty years now and have coaches goalkeeping training all over the globe and have seen so many different goalkeeping coaches. I have just stumbled Read more

Commit to Committing!!

These past few weeks at Just4Keepers of East PA. we have been working on Deflecting and Parrying, and Working on Extending our Keepers Diving Range. Over the years I have seen a lot of keepers not attempt to make saves because they Don’t think they can reach it, or they simply Do Not Commit to Attempt to Read more