Advanced Goalkeeper Training – Do you train with the intensity of a game situation?

Advanced Goalkeeper Training  – Part 2 – Do you train with the intensity of a game situation? Young goalkeepers and their parents often come to Just 4 Keepers to for more “advanced goalkeeper training.”  But, goalkeeping is a really a very simple position on the field; stay on ball line, thwarting attacks, support and organize Read more

Mental Toughness – What is it and how do you get it?

Mental Toughness What is it? And how do you get it? When I work with goalkeepers no matter how talented they are, or how much work they put in or how much experience they have they will make mistakes. Unfortunately more often than not the goalkeeper mistakes are high profile as they usually result in Read more

Young kendrick in His J4k keeper gloves

Below is an great photo of kendrick in his favourite kit and goalkeeper gloves. He always wears J4k keeper gloves because he likes the fit and performance, as a parent, and as a parent I also like the price and durability. Kendrick sporting his j4k goalkeeper gloves

The “Fit” of goalkeeper fitness

  Everyone knows that goalkeepers are different than their field player teammates in so many ways. From skill sets, to mentality, training methods, and vision, goalkeepers are a different breed of player. To state the obvious, fitness training for goalkeepers should also be very different. Goalkeepers get very little out of running laps and suicide Read more

Structured Pre-Game Warm Up!!

The Pre-Game Warm Up is a tried and tested Warm-up that I have used as a Keeper AND a Coach. It is a progressive warm-up beginning with working the Feet, working through the Hands, High Balls, Diving, Crosses, and Distribution.

How much Soccer do you watch on TV?

Whenever I am working with goalkeepers that are in their teens I want to discover how much soccer they are watching on TV. I have always watched soccer on TV even when I was young and there wasn’t as much availability as there is now. The access a young goalkeeper has to information through visual Read more

WWE AND GK FANS Check Out The Bar Wrestling Duo, With The Legend Kurt Angle

WWE AND GOALKEEPER FANS – Check Out The Bar Wrestling Duo, With The WWE Legend Kurt Angle, Wearing Their J4K Goalkeeper Gloves At Man City Football Stadium. you might have to fast forward to see some amazing penalty saves.   The WWE team wearing their j4k goalkeeper gloves