There is no “I’ in team!  Yet for some goalkeeper coaches everything they do is based on self promotion and spouting lies like “we have a number of coaches globally who are ready to come in any given moment.”  No matter what their name is from A to Z pros and whatever international the one individual has, there is A to ZERO comparison to the international team of coaches from 5 continents at J4K.

When goalkeepers come to Just 4 Keepers they are coming to a TEAM that boasts only about the educational quality of training that children receive and the support that Just 4 Keepers gives them after playing to join our team.

So, when you see a goalkeeper, ex-professional or not promoting themselves over their students be aware that they are only a flash in the pan and most-likely looking only to promote themselves on to somewhere else.  Remember coaches, “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

Stephen Swanger in the J4K Coaching Director of Washington State