It sounds basic. You probably already guessed what it is; try to only take one touch when making a save. As soon as the ball hits your palms, it should stick. One time only. You should not require two touches.

5 Benefits of one touch goalkeeping in goalkeeper drills. 
  1. As you run through goalkeeper drills with this concept in mind, you will begin to take it into your games.
  2. You will inspire more confidence in your defense, as they won’t be panicked into dealing with a loose spillage from you.
  3. You will reduce the amount of unclean catches you make; this assists in your team keeping possession.
  4. You will leave a positive impression on any players, coaches, scouts and spectators watching- nothing is better than a single, compact, complete save from a goalkeeper.
  5. It forces you to pay more attention to the exact flight of the ball as you take it.

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