Chi-Chi-Chi! Le-Le-Le!  ¡Viva Chile!

I am just returning from the emotional Copa America final where I was able to watch Chile win and there was no shortage of goalkeeping highlights.  But, one particular play got me thinking about why being a goalkeeper coach at Just 4 Keepers, Washington is so awesome.  Of course it gets me thinking about having a keeper begin to make great saves. However, the other part is guiding our young goalies to be great people as well.

There were some pretty big negative highlights this week in world soccer. The game that will be most talked about for year will be the Lionel Messi missed penalty.    Another will be the Joe Hart missed collapse save against Iceland. This gets me to thinking, “How will they recover and still play at the high level that not only is expected of them, but what they expect of themselves?”

In contradiction, watching Claudio Bravo, goalkeeper for Chile make a game-saving save  got me thinking about what would have happened if he didn’t.  As a part of “hincha” of Chile, I as well as the entire population of Chile would have been pretty disappointed.  However, what would have gone through Bravo’s head?  Sure a side of him would have felt like Joe Hart who even took blame for England’s departure from Euro 2016, but he would recover because that is what you have to do.  Balls will always go in the goal.

It’s the nurturing of a growth mindset that is really special about working with goalkeepers, where goalkeepers gain a bounce back mentality.  and it is from this base that Just 4 Keepers approaches each goalkeeper lesson, clinic, and camp.  As much as it is important on the training field, it is as important in the classroom, work, personal relationships, in all parts of life where we have to persist.

Happy Goalkeeping!  Stay positive 

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