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There is plenty to learn for every soccer coach. That’s why soccer clubs literally spend millions each year on soccer coaching education. So, for goalie coaches even after getting their expensive soccer coaching course certificate and becoming goalkeeper coaches still a good idea to keep your mind fresh with the latest insight. And believe me, there is always something new and exciting out there and one of the best places to find it is on instagram.


There are lots of good goalkeeper coaches around the world especially in Just 4 Keepers that have the opportunity to correspond frequently about the latest trends. Evey author is another they say, especially in the #gkunion. For example, if you follow @j4kwa (Just 4 Keepers Washington State) you can actually see some training sessions that coaches from countries as far away as Iran have used for their sessions. Adrian, the J4K coach @j4kofcentralva has a gift for creative goalie training that may sometimes even include MMA! So check out these hashtags and see if there are any sessions that you’d like to emulate in your next training session: #keepermellow #j4kpride  #j4kunion #goalkeeper #goalkeeping #arquero #portero And follow us! @j4kwa for the latest news about goalkeeper training in the Pacific Northwest!