The J4K Goalkeeper Glove range is now one of the fastest growing brands GLOBALLY.

The Just4keepers Goalkeeper Glove range is one of the fastest growing brands GLOBALLY. With over 40,000 goalkeepers already wearing our gloves and many professional goalkeepers also wearing them with pride, so we ask you to give our glove range a chance as you will not be disappointed with the quality and price.

With the high specification of our gloves and our very fair competitive prices that we charge, it is little wonder why we are now one of the leading brands Internationally!

Did you know the shape of your hand dictate the palm you should choose?

A lot of goalkeepers make the same MASSIVE mistake and buy a pair of gloves, just because their favourite professional goalkeeper wears them. Please DO NOT do this, because you are most probably buying a glove that is not suitable for your hand shape.

The different Goalkeeper Gloves you can choose from.

Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves

A goalkeeper glove that is ideal for wet wether, popular palm choice for professional goalkeepers. This goalkeeper glove is very light even in rain and has long lasting palm foam.

The Roll Finger Glove is probably the most popular glove palm for professional goalkeepers and this type of palm is suitable for goalkeepers with thin, slender hands or fingers.

Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

A goalkeeper glove with an all round feeling of support. A goalkeeper glove that is both good in wet and dry conditions and what is becoming a popular palm choice with professional goalkeepers. Goalkeeper gloves are very durable with perfect grip, good for grass and quality artificial pitches too. The super soft palm gives a good support for gripping the ball.


Negative Cut gloves are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad hands and or fingers.

Flat Palm Goalkeeper Gloves

J4K XTREME PRO V CUT ULTRA goalkeeper gloves
The yellow spotty contact palm is EXCLUSIVE to J4K. This goalkeeper glove like no other brand using this kind of palm cut. The German latex on palm is very durable with perfect grip. The spotty material is similar to our very successful Anarchy Guardian gloves.

Flat palms gloves, like Negative Cut goalkeeper gloves are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad hands and or fingers.

Hybrid Cut Palm Goalkeeper Gloves

J4K XTREME PRO HYBRID ROLL goalkeeper gloves

Hybrid Cut is normally when the little finger and index finger of the glove is a Roll Finger and the middle two fingers are Negative Cut or Flat Palm. This is normally for keepers who have irregular shaped hands or fingers.

Now the above is just a rule of thumb, and too be honest the only way you will ever know what goalkeeper glove palm is right for your hand, is to try them on.

Important: When you try on a pair of goalkeeper gloves on, you must feel 100% confident in how they feel on you, if you have any doubt that they do not fit right, or feel uncomfortable DO NOT buy because this goalkeeper glove palm shape is not suitable for your hand.

TIP: So try and pick a goalkeeping glove that feels natural and comfortable when it’s on your hand and normally the best fitting glove for you, is the glove that you do not even feel on your hand if this makes sense because it is a natural shape for your hand.

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