Epic Soccer Training: On my quest to help goalkeeper members of the Just4keepers  community develop their goalkeeping, I come across this very interesting program by all American and former professional soccer player Matt Smith.

Especially with me about to launch the new Just4keepers Goalkeeper Educate service, I think this could be a good fit to help keepers and their parents.

I know this is for outfield training and we are a goalkeeper organisation, so why do I think it could be good to help goalkeepers of the Just4keepers community. https://j4.team/2VsvLE8

Well first, any program that a child/adult can do that gets them exercising rather than sitting in front of the TV, or getting them off their smartphone can only be of benefit.

But now the modern keeper, has to just be as good with the ball at their feet as their outfield counterparts.

I personal now call goalkeepers, ‘centre backs with hands J’

When I first started J4k and professional clubs would contact me, their main question was, does the keeper command their area ?



Now the main question is (a part from how tall is the goalkeeper) how good is their distribution ?

So times have really changed now, so for a goalkeeper to have a chance of becoming a professional goalkeeper or maybe gain a college scholarship being a good distributer is key.

Now word of warning, some of the contact is not applicable for goalkeepers, but there is enough content that can help.

And the price point is that low, even if you (or your goalkeeping child) gets one thing out of this program to help their goalkeeping it will obviously be beneficial to get.

So check the below link out when you get as moment and watch Matts very interesting video: