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Thank you for ordering the J4K Goalkeeper Gloves OR registering for the J4K Free Goalkeeper Help and advice emails. As a thank you for trusting me and J4K I now offer you several FREE gifts valued at well over £100 and you are more than welcome to pick and use EVERYONE of them.

I pride myself in trying to give ‘Something Back’ to goalkeepers as I was fortunate enough that I had goalkeeper mentors who helped me. So first I want to help you as a fellow goalkeeper save alot of money on your gloves but also offer you the free goalkeeping gifts below… Enjoy!

Oh, Do not forget to scroll right down to bottom to see how to look after your gloves!

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More advice on looking after your goalkeeper gloves

A lot of companies will NOT tell you what I am about to tell you because they obviously want the gloves to wear away quickly, so you have to go and buy more off these greedy people!

Some companies advise to wash at x temperature in a washing machine but I do not believe your gloves should go anywhere near a washing machine because I believe the detergents will shorten the life of the glove, especially the palm and Velcro!

So this is how to look after your goalkeeper gloves:

  1. Get a bowl of luke warm water and have one glove on and one glove off.
  2. Put you hand in the bowl of water with the glove on until the glove is saturated.
  3. With you hand that has not got the glove on ‘Gently’ in circle motions rub the dirt off your gloves.
  4. Rinse the gloves and if necessary, fill the bowl again with clean warn luke warm water and repeat until you believe you have got all the dirt out.
  5. You simple, then change gloves and do the same.


Once your gloves are dry DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT put in tumble dryer or put by a radiator etc this is the worst thing you can do. You have to let your gloves dry at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

If you do the above, you will definitely lengthen the usage of you gloves!

Another Tip: For the older keepers what I and fellow keepers do is after the game, as sad as this sounds is shower with my gloves! Lol

You get yourself clean first then put one glove on and one glove off. And like above gently rub the dirt off your glove. I then wrap my glove in a towel until I get home and dry at room temperature. I have had gloves that have last upto 3 months by doing this method.



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