This past September was one of the few that I have not been busy preparing my classroom at the beginning of a school year.  Instead, to follow my passion for football/soccer full-time I made a commitment to the community at many levels; Coaching with Just 4 Keepers, Washington, J4K Private training,  officiating soccer games, and Regional Coordinator for  international sports travel with GoPlay Sports.

They say  “Once a teacher always a teacher.” And, this is so true considering that after leaving the classroom you are hoping that the 100’s of hours of professional development and post-graduate work to understand how to best meet the learning needs of students are “transferable skills.”  So, when I hear after a game, “Hey ref!  Thank you so very much for communicating to the players like you do to keep things positive.” Or, after a training session when a parent says, “I like how you provide consistent feedback to the kids,” these are reminders to me that I am very proudly applying professional teaching skills learned over the years.

With coaches form various professional backgrounds now in 34 different countries around the world, I am just one among over 200 coaches that are making a positive impact through a passion for goalkeeping through their cultural and professional lens.    Just imagine the huge amount of different transferable skills found in our coaches and the impact of their millions of hours of playing, coaching, and professional experiences on youth development!  This is a massive advantage for our goalkeepers.

When a goalkeeper joins J4K, not only is he or she not only joining the largest goalkeeping academy in the world,  but also are becoming more aware citizens fit with a more open and diverse perspective to prosper growth in their athletic and educational endeavors.  Sessions are always FREE to welcome newcomers.

If you are a goalkeeper coach working in another profession, I can tell you that as a teacher, I have never been more proud to be teaching with J4K.  Perhaps, your transferable skills can make you a great coach with J4K as well. If you think so Join our Team.