When I talk to parents and coaches about why goalkeeper training is important for ALL soccer players, is the fact that the Just 4 Keepers training is about helping players be a part of the game in any capacity for a lifetime!  

Goalie training by its nature demands that all the goalies have the skill to receive and serve the ball with the hands and feet in order to have training sessions that are more fun and effective.    Essentially goalkeeper training is technical training and each keeper is a coach as well, serving the ball precisely in order to help the goalkeeper  get into a rhythm to perfect the skill that they are working on. 

In a typical session of one hour a goalie should touch the ball at least 1000 times, and both serving the ball and receiving the ball count as technical touches: In service; throwing the ball to allow the keeper to practice low-dives, kicking the ball to the same spot to practice collapse dives, and  drop-kicking the ball to practice reactions to realistic situations. In receiving; Throwing the ball back to the server consistently over head, while on the ground after a low-dive, pushing the ball back with the top hand after a collapse dive, etc.  

If you’re a parent of a soccer player don’t fear that you’re child is missing out on soccer by training as a goalkeeper at a weekly goalkeeper academy, thing that you’re making them more well-rounded and preparing them for the long run as a soccer player. 

When I got onto the field and play like this past weekend playing with the Over-35 Missoula, Montana Men’s Soccer  to Penticton, British Columbia to participate in the 38th Annual PSC Oldtimers Tournament – October 7,8,9,2017  I was impressed with the amount of guys (And gals playing in the women’s tournament) playing quality soccer into their 50’s, and some even into their 60’s! 

My hope is that when in a few short years when I’m 60, I’ll be able to kick it with my students! #soccerforlife 

The Over 35 MIssoula, Montana team represented well with a 2nd place finish in Penticton, British Columbia.