Coaches say and everybody agrees that the Goalkeepers are the first line of attack and the last line of defense. Yet  this position is the one that gets the least repetitions on a regular team training day. One that for the few crucial minutes he/she is in action during the game gets to be overlooked during the training days.

I like to explain parents and keepers that out of all the players on their teams, their position is the most relevant one. One, that without it, the game would not even be possible to start.

Such unique is this position, that there is a reason behind every decision that goalkeepers make on the field. It’s important to mention the why’s and show the how’s, during the sessions, as to give them a better picture of what it needs to be done on the field. I hear from parents and team coaches that they would like to see more consistency in their keepers to bring more confidence in the defense, yet the emphasis they put to develop their keepers is the least consistent, thus, it does very little to improve their skills and more importantly to improve their confidence and self steam.

Here at Just 4 Keepers of Maryland, consistency is the key. We develop sessions that teaches keepers not only an specific soccer skill for their position, but also focus on developing the mental readiness require for this position by encouraging to improve upon what they have accomplished. This progress can be seen on the pitch, but more importantly it can also be seen on their personal lives. Developing self steam, empowering them to make decisions and teaching them leadership are an integral part of our curriculum. We know that what makes each one of us great, as goalkeepers, is not what we have accomplished so far, no matter how much it has been, but what lies ahead to discover.

With this in mind, developing the right combination of skills at all age levels are not only important, but crucial to develop the right type of character for the position. Not all of us can be one, but the chosen ones will still have to practice more in order to keep themselves competitive.

Be proud to be different, be proud to be yourself….

J4K of Maryland