Goalkeeper Dreams Do Come True

My sister (Sandra) just sent me this amazing picture of me on the front cover of the Plymouth Argyle football program. (You can see i signed a copy for her:)

ok, ok, I am thin and have hair, but this was a good few years back now 🙂

Not only does this bring back so many happy memories of living in such a wonderful city like Plymouth, and meeting so many amazing friends, it also reminds me of what an amazing club PAFC was (and still is!)

It has also got me thinking about my journey to become a professional goalkeeper aged just 8 years old, and after nearly 40 years playing in goal.

I have been blessed to be able to earn an income from my passion now for most of my adult life, and I am even more proud that I have served and helped so many goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches for nearly 2 decades now.

Just4keepers has now had a positive impact on over 50,000 goalkeepers, in 30 plus countries, and across 6 continents, as well as helping hundreds of goalkeeper coaches also achieve their dreams of setting up their own goalkeepers schools – which in turn, helps even more goalkeepers. Which is something i am very very proud of, as no other goalkeeper coaching company can even come close to the success that we have achieved for goalkeepers.

I am also proud the impact the Just4keepers gloves has had on the goalkeeping world, by offering a quality goalkeeper glove, at a fraction of the cost of the so called big brands. Keepers and parents now know, there is now a much better option!!!

Just4keepers has changed lives, all over the world by helping goalkeepers achieve their dreams to become professional goalkeepers or gain a college scholarship, helping families build homes in Africa, and giving away more free gloves, probably more than any other glove company globally.

This has sadly lead to some individuals to attack me verbally, and even my wife and 11-year-old daughter online. However, I cannot stress how this does not bother me, as there are too many important amazing things to do with Just4keepers, and I actually feel very sorry for this type of person, as something most sadly be missing in their lives. And also as the saying, goes, ‘They never build statues of critics.

But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS, because this gives me the motivation to serve the goalkeeping world even more. This actually reminds me of playing professional and standing in front of thousands of the opponent’s fans, who would hurl abuse at me from the stands. Again, I would love this abuse, because it made me EVEN more determined to keep a clean sheet!

So in the 20th year anniversary of Just4keepers, I look back and think ‘wow’.. I have met some amazing, goalkeepers, parents and goalkeeper coaches, and I now look forward to helping and serving the goalkeeping world, with the dedicated team of Just4keepers goalkeeper coaches, to make it a level playing for everyone, in term of getting affordable goalkeeper coaching and goalkeeper gloves.

And for you guys who like to read about my journey, of the 6 years it took me (and my father) to become a professional goalkeeper, read my ebook for free ‘how to become a professional goalkeeper’

I am positive it will help young goalkeepers (and their parents) on their question to achieve their goalkeeping dreams.

Got to https://j4ksports.co.uk/j4k-ebooks


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