J4K Washington uses the The Future Lions academy management system.


  • GK needs to ‘’step’’ towards line of ball with nearest foot.
  • Making initial step it brings bodyweight slightly forward in preparation to make the save.
  • With leg slightly flexed & bodyweight transferred onto it, GK will now have the power to dive to side whilst bringing bodyweight forward.
  • As GK’s weight is transferred to leg: hands & bodyweight follow.
  • Hands should be approximately ball width apart (‘’in the handcuffs’’) & move together towards line of ball with fingers spread in the ‘W’ formation.
  • If ball arrives along ground: leading hand needs to go behind ball with other securing it on top.
  • Elbow needs to be tucked in to ensure ball is secured safely & to avoid injury.
  • All impact is taken on the side of body & shoulders with head following in behind the hands.

Practice Organisation

  • Area 10x10yds, as illustrated.
  • GK in 6yd goal marked with cones.
  • Server feeds GK with service of varying strengths & heights.
  • GK makes save & returns to set position.
  • Server varies service, including:

–          Striking stationary ball.

–          Striking moving ball.

–          Striking dipping volley.

–          Striking half-volley.


Key Coaching Points

Key points: Start in the set position

– Dont antisipate the shot

– Get low (Angle of the dive)

– Step forward (angle of foot IS THE SAME as the angle of the dive)

– Not rotating (lead hand/staying side on)

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