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0845 094 1809

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Winstead Park, Boise

Eagle, Hope Lutheran Church

Boise Indoor Soccer Center, Boise

Weekly Clinics 

March Goalkeeper Clinics Schedule

Friday March 9, 16. 23 & 30


Hope Lutheran Church, N. Linder Road, Eagle

(All ages welcome)

Sunday March 11, 18, 25 and April 1 (Times to be confirmed)

Ann Morrison Park, Americana Blvd, Boise

(all ages welcome)



Mark Phillips – State Director Just 4 Keepers


208 600 7267

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Spring Break Camps

Monday & Tuesday March 26 & 27 9am – 3pm

Hope Lutheran Church, N Linder Road, Eagle.

This camp is designed for the serious goalkeeper that is looking to work on all aspects of their game. During this 12 hour camp we will recreate some game situations and give our goalkeepers practice assistance in being about to improve their technique and understanding, during this camp we will test the goalkeeper’s current level of ability and work with them to implement a development plan that will take them beyond this week.

$197.00 for the 2 days

Thursday & Friday March 29 & 30


Hope Lutheran Church, N Linder Road, Eagle

This 5 hour camp will help the goalkeeper to improve their reactions, reflexes, saving techniques, catching techniques. speed, foot movement and help to understand what they can do better and how.

$65.00 for the 2 days

To book your place on either of these camps please email j4kidaho@gmail.com or call 208 600 7267

Here you will find all the latest information regarding camps and clinics. Including the Spring Break Camps upcoming.

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Just4keepers – Proud to be different


Mark has been playing soccer since the age of 9 and specializing as a goalkeeper since 11. With more than 30 years experience playing the position and it’s evolution he is well equipped to help any young goalkeeper to develop the understanding and knowledge required to get better.

His playing career has taken him school honors, club honors, County (State) representation and on to professional academy level where injury cut short the potential opportunity to play at a higher level, a semi-professional career that lasted 10 years and now recreational soccer. He still loves to compete and continues to work at his own game.

With over 10 years coaching experience from the UK and Ireland to Canada and now the USA Mark has a varied and deep understanding of the goalkeeper position and what the fundamental skills required are to succeed as well as what it takes to become exceptional.

Mark has achieved coaching certifications in the UK, Canada and the USA and is always looking to improve his understanding of the game we call soccer and his coaching skills to help others improve their understanding and performance levels.