I’m just finishing up this week running several short 6 and 8 week clinics at a couple local clubs. They’ve been great and the kids have had a good time, but we’ve just started and there is so much more ground to cover…..

Don’t get me wrong, clinics are good for the club and good to help introduce kids to the principles and foundation of the position. That being said, the REAL training is accomplished within an academy system, one that meets regularly over time. In a clinic format with six or seven sessions, topics are only able to be introduced and touched on. Within this time, you really can’t get very deep into any one topic because the time is up, and before you know it, the clinic is over.

The J4K system allows us as coaches to work in depth with one topic, spending much more time, sometimes several weeks in a row focusing on one specific technique or skill set. Our goalkeeper training offers the student the chance to truely train their minds and muscles in the proper form through lots of repetition.

So, if you have been a part of one of the clinics, THANKS! Consider becoming a part of J4K  of NoVA to see results….ones you only get from hard work and repetition. The core focus of J4K worldwide – proven by training over 5000 keepers weekly! Contact us NOW for your FREE session!

 Click this link to register for the Academy: http://j4kofnorthernva.wufoo.com/forms/j4k-of-northern-va-program-registration-form/