Finding a quality goalkeepers training program in Colorado is not that easy. There are so many coaches, clubs and organization that claim they have the best programs around but as one young (10 yrs old) stated to us ”  goalkeepers programs in Denver are just going through the motions, jumping cones, hopping and acting silly, we can’t do too much because there are too many people” this is a 10 year old…very smart!!!

The uniqueness about J4K is that all of the coaches are former professional players- for more than 7 years- Most of us are international players with many different styles. What J4K has done is study, understand and design programs from different styles of training around the world and give our students the very best way to learn and become confident in their skill.

Come and try a J4K FREE session to see the difference in training.  If you visit our Facebook J4K Colorado, you will understand why our students, professional keepers and parents are satisfied with J4K.  We do not need to be affiliated with a Professional club or a “BIG NAME” athlete to make us better. We are the largest Goalkeeper academy in the world (20 countries) with over one million hours of Professional matches played among all the coaches in J4K (including World Cups, Championship leagues, Euro Cups, Confederation games) .

You will understand why J4K is different after your first FREE session. Come and Try it.