Summer Camp is a good place for kids to learn new things.  So for a kid that enjoys another sport and has never tried soccer perhaps trying a goalkeeping camp this summer can be an option to get your child outside and moving.   

There are three goalkeeping camps in the Puget Sound region this summer in Seattle, Tacoma (Gig Harbor), and Everett, (Mt. Vernon) that come at a very fair price.

Goalkeeping training is enjoyable for all athletes and can improve skillsets for many other sports.  Goalkeepers understand that goalkeeping requires very technical footwork that enhances balance as well as multiple techniques that improve eye-hand coordination and instinctual reactions which are the cornerstones of being a great athlete.

Expert athletic trainers encourage athletes to enjoy other activities, and goalkeeper coaches love having the opportunity to bring young athletes to soccer who play football, basketball, or baseball, and watch them light up with the joy of applying the skills they already know to goalkeeping, and actually being pretty darn good at it.

J4K has Goalkeeping Camps worldwide all over the USA.

Check out this great video promo for Summer 2017 Goalkeeper Camps!

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