Acrobatic Buffon

As summer rolls around many goalkeepers will be taking some time away from Just4Keepers, Washington to go to Mt. Rainier, Westport Beach, Leavenworth River, or wherever to have fun.  Of course, it’s always a good idea to keep up with your skills with a residential camp, or weekly session, or even just have a ball around to have a pass or a game with friends.  But, these are Washington adventures every just4keepers goalkeeper to enjoy.

When we are water skiing, rock-climbing, mountain running, mountain biking, surfing, we are applying goalkeeper skills of balance and acrobatics learned in goalkeeper training.  One of the essential books for me as a coach is The Soccer Goalkeeper Training Manual by Lorenzo Di Iorio and Ferretto Ferretti. Number one, who doesn’t love a good Italian name? And two, what goalkeeper doesn’t love the acrobatic technique of Gianluigi Buffón?

They state, “it is particularly important that the keeper is able to control his body, make acrobatic movements that help him land on the ground in total safety and also face and handle the most varied situations feeling at ease on any occasion.”  Basically, goalkeepers should have training for suitable acrobatic skills and neuromuscular coordination.

So keepers, as you head out on vacation this summer flipping off of the doc (See Link), grab that surfboard, climbing rope, kayak, SUP, snowboard, climbing shoes, and think about how training helps you feel at ease, because those neurons learned in goalkeeping classes certainly are.

And just for fun:  Acrobatic Road Biking. Why not? !!! Viva Brumotti!

Happy Summer Goalkeeping!