Whenever I am working with goalkeepers that are in their teens I want to discover how much soccer they are watching on TV. I have always watched soccer on TV even when I was young and there wasn’t as much availability as there is now. The access a young goalkeeper has to information through visual media is staggering. You can literally watch soccer through your TV or computer all the time.

I tend to focus on the English Premier League (as it is the best league in the world) and the MLS when i am watching the game or the coverage, I am not watching as a fan anymore, I ave conditioned myself to look at it as a coach, and I encourage my players to watch as a player. When I am talking to young goalkeepers I tell them to watch the goalkeeper coverage. One of the guys I highlight is Kasper Schmichael of Leicester City and the reason I highlight him is because of his distribution from the back. He is pinpoint accurate with his feet or his hands and he is a great example to any young goalkeeper of how to turn defense into attack.

in this media clip you get an idea of what it takes to be great. Here Kasper admits that ball distribution was the worst part of his game when he was 15, but he would spend hours and hours working on it with a team mate after training to get better. Now he is one of the best in my opinion.  It is no surprise that when you put dedication, commitment and work together you get good. If as a young goalkeeper or a parent of a young goalkeeper you think your child will get good by standing in a goal during a team practice and touching the ball occasionally you could not be more wrong. It takes focused dedicated and structured practice to get good and you have to do it all year round. Listen to what Kasper is telling you and then commit to doing it.

With the style of play Leicester City have they get from back to front quickly through direct play. That doesn’t mean long ball it means they play with purpose. They aren’t sending too much time passing the ball in their half if there is an opportunity to hit the opponent quickly. A style that was highly effective in 2015-2016 when Leicester City won the premier league.

Please watch soccer with more purpose and focus on the aspects of your game that you are working to improve. See if you can notice how the worlds best do it so that you can replicate that.

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