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Here’s To Success! J4K Washington – A year one review with my son featured in much of the video. #j4kunion

While having a conversation with a goalkeeper coach from Los Angeles about what the brand R…ch does for his company, he replied “just a bit of a discount” and was convinced that this company allowed him “to stay independent” implying that I as a J4K coach am not.  With 2 academies now running, and 3 Goalkeeper Id camps this summer, and with clinics all over the northwest USA, I’d say that’s pretty independent!

Goalkeeping coaches  that choose to run an independent academy have it right because they have the ability to work with instead of for of soccer club boards, charge their own prices, and be able to coach a diverse group of goalkeepers from beginner to advanced, recreation to elite.  Some of these coaches believe that big-brand gloves with gloves that cost over $200.00 down to $15,00 are looking out for their independent academies by giving them a decent discount and some choose to make their own goalkeeper glove brand.   Small keeper academies have it right by focusing on education and big goalkeeping glove and equipment companies have it right by using their power of marketing.  Neither are seeing the full picture or getting it quite right.

As an newcomer to the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area there was really no better answer for me than Just 4 Keepers because it is a happy median between the small academy with a private glove brand to support goalkeepers  and the big glove world brand that has name recognition and marketing potential in SEO. However,  when J4K Washington State is on or near the top of searches that include for example: “Washington Goalkeeping”, “Seattle Goalkeeper Training,” and “GK Coaches Tacoma” the power of J4K really shows the strength of the J4K SEO.

Just 4 Keepers is the Largest in the world and the fastest growing glove company. NO!! We are not a pyramid company!  Just coaches that want to do what they love to do and own a successful business.   Just 4 Keepers’  roots are in education and grassroots soccer clubs, so we understand what it’s like to have to work hard and pinch pennies, unlike those corporate goalkeeper gloves.  All J4K coaches provide premier goalkeeping training to all levels and coaches have an international coaching network to enhance their coaching opportunities and  provide for their students, Not a network of salesmen!  We are also all truly INDEPENDENT with the opportunity to grow our own academies as much as we want while having the support of a world brand.  

Are you an independent coach that wants to sell your students off on discount prices from a multinational corporation?  Do you believe that your academy is the end all be-all for your students? Or, are you a coach that is concerned about the pricing of soccer clubs where goalkeepers don’t get appropriate training, feel that grassroots clubs deserve a place within the soccer structure, and are able to drop the ego and be a part of a worldwide team of goalkeeping coaches that want to look out for your coaching education as your students’ futures in soccer.

Now that’s a #gkunion !!!

J4K – Independent Goalkeeper Training in Washington State