At J4K Washington Premier Goalkeeping our training methodology is based on years of playing experience and proven learning strategies developed at Just 4 Keepers from former international goalkeepers, international coaches and our current professional goalkeepers from leagues around the world. 

Expert coaches are also expert students and at Just 4 Keepers our coaches study relentlessly modern soccer tactics from around the world  and integrate sports science, sports psychology, and pedagogy to create cutting-edge training sessions that excite and inspire every goalkeeper that come through our academy.  J4K’s specific functional goalkeeper training covers all goalkeeping technical aspects and provides progressional sessions so that young goalkeepers can prevent injury. In addition, Just 4 Keepers specializes in goalkeeper specific power, speed, agility, reaction and fitness.   

In 21st century soccer continues to evolve at a fast pace as we see that soccer players are faster, stronger, smarter, and more skillful than ever.  Rules have changed and will continue to change catering towards a faster pace and more goalscoaring opportunities.  Technology as well is developing quickly as well, like introduction to different balls is benefiting the field players. Goalkeepers must learn and adapt to these changes and no better way than in a soccer academy with weekly training sessions, camps, and clinics all around the world. There is no other goalkeeping academy in the world like Just 4 Keepers that can have resources of professional coaches around the globe with knowledge to provide a leading edge training for all of our goalkeepers, both professional & amateur. 

Stephen Swanger is the Coaching Director of J4K Washington and can be reached at — For gloves visit: