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Question? Twisted Your ankle?

Question? Twisted Your ankle? WHAT EXERCISES DO YOU DO ? How many times have your turned over or sprained your ankle while paying or training??? I personally have forgot how many times I have sprained my ankle o er the years, and every time I have done this, it does not get any easier… it Read more


ANOTHER HAPPY J4K KEEPER Owain in his new J4K boost pro roll gloves. We’ve been looking at your gloves for a while and I bought a pair for Owain for Christmas but unfortunately they were too big for him. We were so impressed with the quality though we took advantage of the sponsor offer to Read more

Goalkeeper specific training is invaluable

A common question parents of Goalkeepers ask, “Does my player really need separate Goalkeeper training? It seems like he/she gets lots of shots in his/her team practices.” If all the Goalkeeper training a player gets is having teammates shoot mercilessly on them, without any assistance/guidance from a position coach, then it’s not helping much. What’s Read more

Winter Goalkeeper Training in Northern Virginia

Just 4 Keepers of Northern Virginia will continue its year-round goalkeeper development by moving inside beginning November 1st running through the end of February to offer goalkeeper training for Northern Virginia Goalkeepers. However, the Winter ’20-21 training offerings will be different than in years past. Two Group sessions will be offered at Dulles Sportsplex on Read more

How To Deal With Ego Soccer Coaches!!!

How To Deal With Ego Coaches!!! (How Do You Handle This? Comment Below) As a parent it can be terribly difficult having to deal with an egotistical coach (especially single mothers) and over the past 20 plus years running Just4keepers, I have had sooooo many parents come to me for help and advice. So much Read more

Importance Of Strong Ankles

In our passion to bring more products to help the J4K Community and the launch of the J4K Goalkeeper DIY section, we would like to explain about one of our new products, the J4K Balance Board. The J4K Balance Board, can really help goalkeepers strengthen their ankles. Did you know one of the most common Read more

Why Most Goalkeeping Coaches Sadly Fail

hi guys it is Ray Newlands here from Just4keepers also called J4k. I hope you are fit and well ? In this quick video I am going to explain why the majority of independent coaches in their coaching businesses don’t earn the income levels that they desire. Now in this video here today, I will Read more

Awesome Stay at Home training tool

At J4K of NoVA we’ve been thinking hard about giving you something useful and new to do while you’re at home.  While viewing lots of the usual individual GK training exercises, it occurred to us that the BEST new tool we’ve used recently to help our players  with conditioning, movement, balance, and strength is the Read more

Current training status

As a result of Governor Northam’s Stay-at-Home order issued effective Monday March 30, I unfortunately have no choice but to cancel all scheduled private training sessions through June 10th when the order expires, or earlier if it is removed. The health of the players and your families is of utmost importance so although it is Read more

Joining J4K

If you're interested in becoming a coach for one of the world's best goalkeeper schools, we'd love to hear from you.

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